Is Snacking Keeping You Fat? PART 2 #shorts

Eating HIGH VOLUME, LOW CALORIE food is one of the easiest ways to eat more food and keep you full longer.

This is a sure way to keep you from over consuming calories and derailing your FAT loss goal!

List Of The Top High Volume, Low Calorie Food:

1️⃣ Fruit 🍉 🍌 🍍 – Fruits are going to be very low in calories due to having zero fat and mainly being made up fo water.
1️⃣🅰️ Berries 🍓🍒🫐 – Berries have some of the highest
water content of fruits with strawberries 32 calories
per 100 grams

2️⃣ Vegetables 🥒🥬🥦 – Very much like fruit vegetables are going to be mainly made up of water and also have a very low caloric profile so fill up on veggies. This high water content will ensure that you stay full and prevent unwanted snacking.

3️⃣ Some Grains 🍚 – Once cooked grains like oatmeal, out bran, and white rice just to name a few will have a
low caloric density while being high in volume due to high water content.

4️⃣ Some Dairy 🥛- pretty much any dairy that is fat free or low in fat is fair play here with egg whites being a great option due to low caloric density and high protein content.
4️⃣🅰️ Whey Isolate – Honourable mention whey
isolate its a great supplement once a solid well
balanced diet is dialed in.

5️⃣ Meat 🍤🦞 – If you like seafood you’re in luck(no this doesn’t mean you can go on a free for all at an all you can eat sushi buffet).Shrimp, lobster, cod, crayfish are going to have high water content, high protein and low fat!

There you have it this list will help you actually eat more food while staying in a caloric deficit.

Dieting for fat loss does not necessarily mean eating less food.

Often times you will find that you can eat more food it’s just about finding high volume low calorie foods.

An easy way of figuring this out is finding food that has high water content and see the fat melt off!

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