50 THAI CURRY Selections – Epic Southern Thai Buffet at "Nai Lam" Curry Over Rice (HATYAI)

One of the BEST parts about a food trip to Southern Thailand is going to be the abundance of flavor you’ll find, at incredibly affordable prices. Its a great morning when confronted with such a local, mega FLAVORFUL place serving “Kaaow Raad Gaeng,” Thailand’s favorite rice and curry buffet!

This is our final day in Hat Yai (for summer of 2022 anyways!), and we had to finish with a truly epic lunch – a perfect time to visit “Uncle Lam” and his selection of approximately FIFTY different dishes of curry! In the end, I make a selection of 7 different dishes, and we get down to celebrating a beautiful visit to this very special corner of Thailand.

Hat Yai is not the capital of Songkla province, although it is by far the largest town, but Hat Yai is DEFINITELY your ultimate Southern Thailand destination when you want a one-stop spot for the best local food. Its literally blowing our minds how after living in Thailand now for over 10 years, there are STILL so many dishes down in the South that we have yet to try!

Thank you for hanging out with us both today, and I hope you have a blast in Hat Yai (today, through the camera lens, and tomorrow, taking a trip for yourself!!!! Yahoo!)

Much love, from Joel and Li

**and see you for the next Southern province next week!

“Raan Kaaow Gaeng Nai Lam”


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