A Hospital That Only Serves Vegan Food! The Rise of Veganism in The Middle East with Georges Hayek

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Georges G. Hayek Bio

Born in 1980, Beirut, Lebanon.

Business Science, Management degree and MBA graduate from LAU (Lebanese American University). 2003

Founder and former president of Ferrari Owners Club Lebanon. 2014

Founder of Lebanese Vegans. (Since 2014)

Founder of the first Vegan Social Hub in the region. The Hub was founded after the unfortunate Beirut explosion on August 4th, 2020. Our mission is to help the less fortunate by offering free vegan meals as well as providing a free working space for vegan activism. Conferences, working area, vegan cafe and boutique are all part of the Hub.

Owner of Hayek Hospital. Founded by my grandfather Dr. Salim Hayek back in 1973. Turned the hospital into serving exclusively plant-based vegan food starting March 1st, 2021, after a year of transition. Tackling finally the root cause of major chronic diseases and cancers, not just treating symptoms.

Finally, working on our upcoming project: The first Animal Sanctuary in the region!

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