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Hello everyone! And welcome to my project “Naturist’s kitchen”! Mila naturist is with you. Today we are going to cook chicken. And there is a problem that is usually faced by those who want to cook it. If the family is not large or if you live in a couple, then cook a large chicken, and such recipes are a lot, of course, great, but you two definitely will not eat it right away! And it will be put in the refrigerator, and the products that you have prepared, then reheat and eat the next day, they are not so tasty and healthy. So for you guys, I am specially preparing a recipe where we will bake exactly half a chicken in the oven. Which, in principle, I think you can eat together or in a family of 3 people. What is unique about this recipe is its simplicity, its spicy sauce, which will be with garlic and cranberries, well, as an option, you can also make it with cranberries. Well, let’s go?
And so, what we need. Of course, half a chicken and a baking sheet. In my case, this is ceramic with high sides. Because we will cook the chicken in sauce and pour the sauce over it. This will be very convenient. We have cranberries, garlic, I have already peeled it, sugar, olive oil, you can replace any other that you like, vinegar and I will also have soy sauce for the marinade. And so what we’ll do in the first place? We will marinate the chicken. This will take a little time and is very easy to do. And so, look! And so, the chicken should be salted. Don’t get carried away with salt, you will still have soy sauce. Be sure to add a little pepper, just a little. We pour soy sauce on it. From above. Now I’ll show you how to do it. And just a little vinegar. Coat thoroughly with this marinade, like this. At this point, you can add any seasonings if you want. So, the chicken is smeared with sauce. I’ll wipe my hands. And we’ll add some olive oil. You don’t need much. That’s it, now we will cover it with a film and set it aside for 1 hour to marinate. Only then will we put it in the oven. While the chicken is marinated, we will proceed to the preparation of the sauce. Pour a little oil. And put the cranberries and garlic in the pan. We do not cut garlic, let it be like this, large slices. Because after it’s fried, we’ll just get it out of here. As I said, at this stage you can add any other seasonings at your discretion. But, most importantly, you need to add sugar to the cranberries. The berry is very sour, you just need to add sugar to this sauce! We add sugar. And so fry. This is a non-stick frying pan. See, the cranberries have started to give their juice. Or you can use a saucepan or a pot with a thick bottom. What is at hand you can use. Cranberries secrete juice, nothing will burn. Everything is fried together with garlic and the sauce is prepared. The fire is medium, not large. The smallest fire is also not necessary. In the process of preparing this sauce, it is better not to move away from it. You need to constantly stir, it will take about 5 minutes. It took just 5 minutes, all the berries have opened, we will remove the garlic from here. The sauce is ready. As soon as the chicken is marinated, we will put it in the oven. How to use the sauce, see the video below. And so, the chicken was marinated.

See full in this video: Chicken with cranberries. Chicken recipes. Cooking chicken. Mila Naturist. Naturist’s kitchen. INF.

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