Cochise Bakes Cake w/ me, Talks Oiling Himself Up, 6ix9ine (Interview)

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Host & Producer – @ktoarshan
Filmed by @naheelio
Edited by @tpresents @ktoarshan

Instagram @kidstakeover
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Twitter @kistakeover_
Facebook @kidstakeoverinterviews

In this interview, Cochise comes to Arshan’s trap airbnb in Miami Flordia to come bake a cake. This is not your ordinary cake — this is Betty Crocker’s work famous super moist chocolate cake. In this video you see Arshan and Cochise converse while making the cake mix, baking the cake in the oven, and decorating it with white icing and sprinkles. Arshan asks Cochise how he blew up and if tik tok had any part in it. Turns out Cochise blew up from making a meme song, which he then distanced himself from, and then eventually his other songs blew up over a long time. If you don’t already listen to him, Cochise is a rap artist from Jamaica, now staying in Florida. He is the artist behind songs like Knicks, Tell Em, Pocket Rocket, Hatchback + more. If you’re a fan of melodic upbeat music such as Sofaygo, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, go check him out. He also has a lyrical lemonade video with cole bennett, featuring snot. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver Canada.


0:00 – Which type of cake we bake
3:18 – Cochise gets us aprons
3:50 – Oiling the pan
6:09 – Making the cake mix
7:38 – Arshan cant crack the eggs
10:50 – Baking it in the oven
11:25 – How did Cochise blow up/6ix9ine
13:15 – The cake is ready to take out
15:00 – Decorating the cake
16:50 – Taste testing

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